The TerpeneEnhanced Company is a leading-edge innovator that has created a professionally formulated mood enhancing products.

At TerpeneEnhanced we believe that life can be better and more balanced.

Our mission is to enhance quality of life with safe natural ingredients.

Terpenes have long been used for the therapeutic effects and as flavorings, but only recently science has discovered the anti-inflammatory and mood enhancing properties of terpenes. Terpenes are the essential oils of plants. Our products combine natural terpenes, CBD, and other therapeutic herbs in specifics amounts and are intended to improve mood, provide pain relief, reduce anxiety and a sleep aid.

We utilize cutting-edge nano-tech to enhance our products bio availability. Many products on the market like CBD oils have little therapeutic value because they are difficult for your body to absorb. Our approach solves this issue by shrinking molecules down to .45 microns, and then wrapping those molecules in a water molecule to ensure maximum bioavailability of the ingredients.

We also have an OEM program and an affiliate sales program.

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