Leading Developer of Life Enhancing Products

Mood enhancement through terpenes is one of the leadings areas of growth within the booming nutraceuticals category. The medical benefits of terpenes are gaining credibility in the research community. TerpeneEnhanced is launching products to be the first natural supplement which promotes the benefits of terpenes and hemp.

At TerpeneEnhanced, we believe terpenes are the future. We are leading the way in developing nutritional supplements and nano-infused products to enhance your life and provide a natural alternative to mood enhancing drugs.

Products Coming in 2020

enHIGHten® Gummies

enHIGHten® Gummies contains nano-infused hemp and terpenes to reboot your body and provide the nutrients you need to feel awesome. If you are having issues with tolerance and simply don’t feel like your body is in balance, enHIGHten® are specially formulated with a mixture of terpenes that naturally promotes a reset of your endocannabinoid systems and provides critical fuel to keep your body running optimally.

Other Products in Development


TerpeneRX™ is a powerful blend of herbs high in specific terpene oils being shown to promote the body’s natural physical healing. Groundbreaking pharmaceutical company clinical research, as well as university medical research have zeroed in on specific terpene oils as ways one can trigger the body and brain to release tension and function again at optimal levels. TerpeneRX has drawn the same terpene oils being used by these pharmaceutical companies and encapsulated them in their original natural herbal form.


Kwiet™ is formulated to assist in reducing anxiety in dogs, These terpene formulas help reduce your dog’s stress and help calm them down, which leads to happy barking.

All TerpeneEnhanced products include the highest quality natural herbal sources of terpenes and are 100% safe for human consumption. Our CBD based products are sourced from federally legal hemp derived CBD.